Brigand Book Two - Natalie K. French

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BRIGAND: Book Two-The Jack's Story

This second BRIGAND novella introduces an orphan grit from the hellish squalor of Entebbe Lift's Depot. With a talent for combat and rage in his heart, he fights his way into the Confed military, into the shipboard Marines. The Jacks are hard-eyed bringers of chaos and Roy is one of the best. But what does a stone killer do when he meets his match - especially when she's a beautiful renegade Wraith?

BRIGAND will take you to a future unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It's a world that's as beautiful as it is cruel - a landscape of sharp edges and sharper characters. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes harsh, nearly always sexy, it's a world filled with people who play power games that span multiple worlds. And it's a world where the life of a scut can be bought for a few ounces of fresh water.

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